Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Contagious Kids

Well, that's what I get for working with kids. Colds.... I've got a real doozy now. I like that word "doozy." It sounds funny... no, it doesn't remind me of doody although it did just now... DB's thought patterns are rubbing off on me. But it sounds like a little old lady... Nope, changed my mind it sounds like a little old man word. A picture of a porch outside a general store in the country with old men in plaid shirts on rocking chairs nodding their heads hello to whoever goes in to shop. Every so often they re-tell a story that's been told so many times they don't know which one of them it happened to anymore. And in that story preceded by the words, "Boy, that was a" is the word doozy, followed by the words "of a _________"

Doozy, Suzy, Kabloozy, woozy.......... ok, this head cold is really getting to me!!! Like my brain is off one another track. My eyes feel hot... actually it's my eyelids that feel hot.

Enough already, back to the post... what was I writing about anyway? Oh, the fact that I haven't even felt well enough to write the past couple of days and so much has been going on.

But first, I have noticed that after spending time with the children I've been caring for I am sick within 48 hours. DB is eight so Thank G-d, Boruch Hashem, Bli Ayin Horah, poo poo poo... we're past the time when there was maybe one day of reprieve and health before he came home from school with another runny nose, cough, pink eye, etc. I guess I just forgot that I could be susceptible to illness. Hey!!! I'm a mom. We don't get sick, or if we do it doesn't really matter if we are because we're still responsible for taking care of everyone and everything.

Enough about being sick already.... Not really kvetching just surprised to be sick again and it got me thinking. But what doesn't get me thinking?

Have to stop writing I need to go grab another box of tissues and a cup of tea.... btw why is doozy coming up on the spell check?


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Feel better, I had that the other week it's just awful.

come running said...

Isn't it weird how we catch colds from the kids but they don't get anything from us.