Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rambling Thoughts

I know I haven't written in awhile. I wanted to, but just really didn't have anything to say, or is it that I had something to say, but didn't really want to write... maybe a little of both combined with working and filling out forms and getting DB ready for school.

I finally decided to start typing and just see where it takes me. Wouldn't it be nice if it could take me to a new home (albeit not in Kansas) where everything is unpacked and I had room for all my documents to stay neat even as I went through them. I can see myself working on my appeal. I need to get that in motion. Yeah, yeah I know the decision still hasn't even been ordered yet, but I'm ready. This isn't a decision for relocation it's about the divorce and some monetary issues. It's a shame that in order for me to get my money I have to spend more on an appeal. At least I can do the appeal on my own. It's not usual to have argument time in civil appeal cases especially divorce ones.

Anyway I'm sure my appeal will be granted and either decided or sent back to the lower court with instructions. I know what case law I need to bring and I have all my exhibits including previous court orders that were not followed.

I just realized that I have to consider myself lucky that I know (I've learned along the way) that I should appeal and that I know how to do it. I can't imagine being one of those women who don't know that they could win their case in appeal thinking that the lower courts ruling is always upheld in appeal.

It's a shame that appeals are so expensive. They should have a waiver of fees and a way to have the appeal printed without costing hundreds of dollars. In civil court you can be declared a poor person and the fees to file are waived why isn't that the same in appeals court? Or maybe it is and I just don't know. Something to look into. Have to call the clerk at the appeals court tomorrow. It's not like they would be inundated by appeals maybe there would be a 40% increase in the beginning. But if the lower courts realized that their decisions are being scrutinized and overturned I'm sure that they would rule more according to case law, and then the appeals would decrease.

Major point-just because someone wants to appeal doesn't automatically mean they are given the right to do so and that is also a deterrent to frivolous cases.

Enough about law.... although, it's obviously on my mind.

I've also been thinking about dating. Actually about not dating. Just not interested... for a couple of reasons; most of the guys that I have met have something very off about them (present company always excluded) and by saying met, meaning corresponded with and spoken over the phone for the most part. I haven't gone on that many dates. WOW! It will be coming up on a year soon from the time that I first decided to get my act together and start dating.

Mr. Right is nowhere to be found and I don't think I would recognize him right now even if he was wearing a suit of shining armor, riding a white horse and swept me off my feet. I've got too many other things going on. Plus I'm just not a little disillusioned with you men, right now (don't make me say it again.... ok, ok, present company is always excluded!!!) Yup, I just realized that I wrote you men as opposed to men and then tried to cancel it with the present company thing. Think of it what you will...

I feel like a whining spoiled three year old who wants what she wants and wants it now! Ugh! What a horrible picture I painted of myself.....

Enough of feeling down... but I guess I need to get some of it out of my system. I haven't spoken to Gretel lately. She was away at camp for the summer and I haven't spoken to Doll either, and now that I think about it I owe another hardworking mom friend a call. I haven't decided what to call her in my blog.... she has such a great name to begin with. Let's see how about... ummmmm.... well, let's describe her and then maybe something will come to mind. She's very intelligent... she's told me her job and title several times and I still am not sure exactly what she does. She's kind, caring, loyal and is always there if I need her... I've got it True Blue. Thanks, Dan. TB for short... ok that doesn't look like it will fit I don't want to be reminded of tuberculosis when I think of her.

Just realized that I haven't been in much contact with any of my friends who are girls. I was too busy focusing on guys. I'm not going to let that happen in the future. I'm not sixteen anymore. I haven't been sixteen for quite some time now and I'm not going to let thoughts of kisses (and yes, sex) distract me from everything else in my life.

I'm gonna go now. Not even sure if I'm going to post this. It's just a lot of rambling...

btw-in case you didn't notice, decided to post it.... after all, I wrote it...


Passionate Life said...

Hey CR,

I know the feeling well. When you have just gone through a whole string of duds in the dating world, be they males or females, it starts looking like all dating possibilities are freakazoids in some form or other. I have been falling into that trap a bit myself lately.

I think the key is to take a step back and look at the males or females (as the case may be) who we know in our lives who are not in our dating sights because they are married or friends. I know when I do that I discover a whole bunch of really cool people and it reinvigorates my faith in the opposite gender and perhaps even one day someone who I can actually enjoy dating.

It’s interesting what you write about whether you are in the right head space for dating. I keep on going back and forth on whether one really needs to be in a shiny happy place to attract the right person into ones life or if the hint of a possibility can bring someone into that shiny happy space and that’s good enough. Obviously if there are major issues to work out that has to come before any relationship but just your garden variety blues or busyness, might not be enough to stop the ball from rolling right.

In any event, what can we do? We just have to keep on truckin.

Jack's Shack said...

I was too busy focusing on guys.

Sounds like a lot of women I know.

Scraps said...

Oysh...good luck with your appeal! You really are lucky that you know exactly what you need to make your case; a lot of women wouldn't know what to do to help themselves.

Mr. Right is out there...maybe he just got lost and he's too stubborn to ask for directions? ;-)

Tzipporah said...

good luck, cr! Thanks for dropping by my blog - I'll have to come back and see how you're doing.

come running said...

It's not that I lumped them all together as freaks, it's that they all had major issues i.e. controlling, lying, two or more divorces, being widowed less than 4 months ago....

I do find that when I am in a better space I actually "meet" better guys. Is it because I'm able to think more clearly or that the feelin' good vibe is going out and attracts healthier men? Whatever it is I will continue to date, but I'm not going to put as much effort into it right now. Too many other things going on.

If someone is dating shouldn't they be "focusing" on guys? But I do get what you mean, and I admit that I was guilty of it.

yup, I am lucky...
and I just wish he knew that he was supposed to turn left a year ago...

welcome, and drop in anytime.