Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bunnies In Blue

Mischievous bunnies and independent women converse in watercolors
brass buttons and greener pastures await
while living through the pain and joy of loving

Stupid ducks guided by sly foxes under the eyes of spinster chaperones
printing presses and stained blouses acknowledge the rousing of creatures
and give birth to the excitement of dreams fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

sweetie, just hang on a little bit longer. love awaits...

come running said...

Thanks for the support. Did you mean to write it on this post or the one before? Either way I know that there's love out there somewhere... I'm ready for it.

David_on_the_Lake said...


oh the joys of the journey.....while smelling the roses along the way

ot something like that..

therapydoc said...

Such a lovely poem!

come running said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.