Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Change of Attitude

I'm happy because I choose to be.

I've had a rough couple of months, been down both emotionally and physically.  The funny thing is that once I decided to be happy and to look at things in a more positive manner, I'm not sick anymore.  My voice is almost back to normal which is great because it's hard to sing songs with two year olds when you sound like an old man who's been smoking since he was 10.

And yes, I'm now getting hugs and kisses and tons of smiles almost every day.  That's the best payment of working with little ones.  Oh! I forgot their giggles!!!

I've been trying not to think too much about what's going on relationship-wise.  There really isn't too much I can do about it; either leave or stay.  So for right now, I'm sticking around and choosing to believe him or at least trying to believe him.  I want to be with him, but it probably won't happen.  Just being realistic.

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