Monday, June 30, 2008

A Visit

Mr. Rose is coming to Oz to have dinner with me. We talk everyday, and I've been getting to know him better as a person, friend and especially a man. He sent me more music and his understanding of who I am blows me away. He is kind and loving which is something that I have been searching for but there is so much strength and passion contained within him. I thought that I might have to forgo that.

Even if things don't work out between us, I have learned so much about myself from him.

But I think I just might want to give it a try.

btw-Tripped GOING UP the stairs to work yesterday. Everyone, including me, got a good laugh out of that one.


MAK said...

I sincerely hope it works out with Mr. Rose.
And that is one of the reasons I HATE stairs. I think I've done that, not recently but when I was in High school

Non-Anon said...

When I heard tripping up the stairs it reminded me of a pitcher who supposedly did something similar. I searched around for a while and finally found this obscure reference....he supposedly tripped going upstairs, carrying his luggage and cracked a rib???

come running said...


I've done this more than once in the past couple of weeks.

Hey! Haven't heard from you in awhile. How did you even find this?!?!? Aren't athletes supposed to be a little more coordinated?

Non-Anon said...

Yes - it's been a while....I guess I only contribute if I have something somewhat worthwhile to add :)
I just remembered when I heard tripping go up the stairs that it rang a bell and I was pretty sure I knew who the pitcher was so I searched around for a few minutes and found it....the things you can find these days on the internet :)

DREIDEL said...

U remind me of Miss congeniality, i guess tripping can be done with class too, it all depends WHO is the one that trips...

good luck with Mr. Rose, he sound so special and perfect for you!!

come running said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who does things like this. :)

I get what you mean... ;)

We'll see about Mr. Rose. I'm taking it a little slower than he is. THAT'S A FIRST!