Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ticket To Ride

I just remembered that I have a roundtrip plane ticket that I haven't used yet. It was bought for me by a potential date and never used. He came to see me instead, and that's about where it ended.

Anyway, I've got a ticket with nowhere to go. I can take a trip. WOW!!! I can take off and just forget about things. Maybe I'll go out west skiing. Aaah! Gotta love powder! Or maybe I'll go to an Island somewhere and bask in the sun. Just thinking about it makes me feel so free. Any suggestions???


LakewoodShmuck said...

california is my dream vacation

Rafi G said...


therapydoc said...

Rafi, I was JUST going to say, the holy land. Always a first choice. But the Israelis first choice in chutz is California.

Scraps said...

If you don't have a specific date that you need to use the ticket by, why not save it for when you're feeling down or overwhelmed and you really need to get away? That way you can have an escape when you really need it.

come running said...

I've never been to California so that's a possibility.

I wish the ticket would take me that far.

Rafi beat you to it.

Then I'm off to escape.