Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Been Remiss writing my blog and in following other blogs. I just realized that it's almost been two years since I started writing this blog and on a regular basis.. It shouldn't have surprised me how much I enjoyed the writing. I loved to makeup stories on paper and in my head ever since I was little.

Although, I haven't been writing here that much I have been writing in a "notebook." Most of you, if not all of you are aware of the issues that have been going on with my ex which is why I switched this blog to invite only. He tried to use it against me in court. I don't know what about it showed that in anyway that I'm an unfit parent, but he tried nonetheless.

Anyway, I've been busy lately... with work, with life, and with Mr. Rose. Believe it or not (and sometimes it's hard for me to believe) he's still in the picture. We've been together now for a little over six months. He has continued to send me roses, treat me like gold and has even give me gold (a bracelet for Chanuka). The bracelet impressed DB. "WOW! Real gold, Mommy? That's X-PENSIVE!!!"

What has impressed me is not the roses or the bracelet, but the thoughts behind them. And not just them but his understanding and patience.

Which reminds me I need to apologize to him so I'm going to cut this short.


Tr8erGirl said...

glad things are going well!

come running said...

thanks!! hope things are going well with you too!